Breakfast is the most important meal of the day? We believe that dinner is, especially if you don’t want to leave the Mountain Goat Valley Crawl crawling… 


Before staying responsibly hydrated with a Valley’s worth of piña coladas and premium pints of beer at your fingertips, be sip smart and line your stomach with cheesy slices of pizza or hearty loaded burgers. It’s the ultimate foolproof solution to ensure you can catch every last artist of the night!


King of Kings 

The Valley’s staple seafood restaurant is royalty when it comes to banquet BYO dining! So much more than seafood, you can enjoy your favourite spring rolls or honey chicken, but of course, a few Moreton Bay bugs wouldn’t hurt. The menu is as big as your night will be, so get ready for a feast in its finest form! 

Nom Nom Bao 

Good things come in twos, especially when it’s bao. Nom Nom Bao has six signature bao buns you can grab by the pair, including fried chicken, pork belly, galbi beef, crispy tofu, fish or ice cream. No matter what you choose, you won’t lose. 

Ben’s Burgers 

Slip into something more comfortable, like a burger! Ben’s does beef burgers like no other, with the option to add in extra bits of meat and cheese to take your dinner to the next level. Add some chilli cheese fries to the mix and you’ll be one happy diner! 

Boroughs of New York Pizza 

Pizza is just the tip of the iceberg at Boroughs! Bring your friends along for the pre-crawl slice of your life, tackling a New York Favourites platter to share. There are enough ham and cheese paninis, chilli cheese sliders, buffalo wing bites, garlic parmesan knots and fries to go round, keeping everyone in the same, sensible boat for the night. 


Greaser and an in-house gig will get you set for a groovy Crawl. This American-Aussie bar will leave you coming back for more buttermilk chicken, mac ’n’ cheese balls and crispy tater skins well after your night is done, and late-night snacks are all the more fun. 


Crawl, don’t walk to dinner. You’ll need to save that energy for later.