It’s that time of year again, when we don our favourite woollen jumpers and enjoy the smells and flavours of the winter season. Here are the top spots in the Valley to get mug loads of your favourite winter warmer – hot chocolate.

Reverends Fine Coffee

Reverends Fine Coffee began after former-pastor Luke Andrews decided to enter the coffee business. We are so glad he did. Reverends is a Valley favourite, from their simple décor and gorgeous red brick walls, to the wide range of coffee blends from around the globe. They use only the best and creamiest Maleny milk in their hot drinks, and we can guarantee you’ve never had a hot chocolate this velvety.

LTD Espresso

LTD Espresso and Brew Bar is one of our favourite spots for our hot-drink-fix, right in the heart of Brunswick Street. Known for its rotating selection of single origin coffee, LTD certainly knows how to brew a good hot chocolate. Oh, and if you’re a student, you can score a discount on your cup of chocolatey goodness. You’re welcome.

Cakes and Sh*t

Cakes and Sh*t has everything we need under one roof – cakes, coffee, hot chocolate, and a controversial name! The gorgeous little nook, tucked away in the appropriately named Bakery Lane, is the perfect place to sip on a toasty hot choccy. We can almost guarantee you will also leave with a cupcake or five. Your summer body can wait.

The New Black

Another intimate, trendy café situated in the delightful Bakery Lane is The New Black. Hanging plants, eccentric wall art and a slightly unconventional all-day menu are some of the venue’s key features, but hot drinks are their absolute specialty. The New Black is serving up coffee in all shapes and sizes – French press, syphon, cold drop, V60 and nitro – but certainly knows how to keep things simple, like a humble hot chocolate.

New Bliss

Warner Street’s New Bliss has an emphasis on fresh food, classic drinks and service with a smile. All the way from Ireland, owners Dermot and Rhona have travelled the world before settling in the Valley. Set in a beautiful red brick building with a slight industrial feel, New Bliss is set to deliver one of the best hot chocolates you’ve ever had.

Extra marshmallows, please!