Illustrator, musician, textile designer, graphic artist and fashion designer – Phoebe Sheehy of fashion boutique Phoebe Paradise is one talented Valley woman.

Even Katy Perry is a fan of the bleach blonde bad girl’s Winn Lane store, an eclectic mix of punk and glam aesthetics, inspired by the quirks and flaws of Brisbane including the cityscape, natural beauty and eclectic nightlife.

We caught up with the queen herself to talk fashion, creativity and what we can expect next from her Valley store.



Born in 2014, the Phoebe Paradise label was Phoebe’s way of projecting her artwork onto a bigger canvas, for fans of hers who couldn’t afford originals or have the space for framed prints – a movement she sees happening more within the Brisbane art community.

What began as sharpie drawings of pizzas on Kmart t-shirts sold at markets has blossomed into her own shop front in the heart of the Fortitude Valley, and collaborations with some of Australia’s most popular up-and-coming artists.



Phoebe’s love for Brisbane comes from the juxtaposition and contrasts in the landscape, the difference between the organic detritus of fig trees bursting through concrete and mangroves in the CBD against the buzzing metropolis of the city.

Due to her fierce love for the river city, she finds it impossible to detach her style from Brisbane, so we can expect to see more motifs of Queenslanders, the Valley and day-to-day Brisbane life appearing in her work.



Collaborating with other Brisbane talent is at the heart of Phoebe's philosophy – and she's currently working with artist and Instagram icon Celeste Mountjoy (aka @filthyratbag) on a new line, due to drop in September. Brace yourselves.

As well as making prints of cigarettes look fashionable, Phoebe works as graphic designer for Brisbane musicians and music venues including The Brightside and The Foundry, and designed posters for Brisbabe's, Sonic Marsala and Melbourne’s Rack Off Festival.


What’s next for the Queen of the Valley? PM? World domination?

Phoebe’s definitely not slowing down – announcing plans for further collaborations with Brisbane illustrator Sam McKenzie to keep things fresh. You can also find her speaking on art panels, playing gigs with her band Lexicon and further ass kicking across the river city.

Whatever she’s selling, we’re buying.


Photo credit: Phoebe Paradise .