When the AC is cranking and you need something cold quick, sometimes only a freshly squeezed juice, frothy shake or creamy smoothie will do the trick. Fortitude Valley has plenty of options to slake a big thirst, with pubs, bars and even breweries in the vicinity, but for a non-alcoholic sip to go, we recommend hitting up the Valley’s best juice joints and shake shacks. Parched? Here’s where to go.
For smoothies and juices
If you’re craving a healthy smoothie, get your plant-based boost at The Real Thing cafe, freshly made in California Lane. You’ll be sweet with their eight smoothie flavours including Pina Colada, Melon Berry and Gingerbread. Paradise Fortitude Valley cafe also has fruity options with acai, banana and green smoothies on the menu, as does Froth on Brunswick with their refreshing vegan smoothies for liquid goodness on the go.
For shakes
Craving a thick shake? Hashtag Burgers & Waffles brings the milkshakes to the yard – everything from old-school Vanilla Goddess to chunky Toffee Apple. Ben’s Burgers also has American classics on the menu. We heart the Choc PB or Strawberry Jam, ourselves. For vegan shakes, check out the cold and creamy Chocolate Bliss with Oreo Cookies & Cream at Lord of the Fries.
For bubble tea
Iced tea aficionados can pop a supersized straw into the fun confections at the new Bubble Tree Valley cafe in California Lane. Choose traditional milk tea with tapioca pearls or something refreshingly new such as strawberry yoghurt tea. Sushi Kenzen also has a small bubble tea selection from pearl milk teas to icy fruit blends – try the lychee jelly ice blended drink. For OG bubble tea, Taiwanese-style, hit up Tea Master and order your fave flavour from the huge range of milk and ice teas with toppings including pearls, pudding and jelly.
For sodas
Love a cheeky soft drink? The clever clogs at Netherworld make their own sodas on site with drool-worthy rotating flavours such as Pineapple & Ginger, Lychee & Pomegranate and Blue Heaven. Or indulge your inner child with a frosty Coke or Fanta spider topped with vegan ice-cream from Lord of the Fries.


– November 2020