Washing your mouth out with soap? No, thank you. Washing your mouth out with Soapbox? Absolutely. 


Since opening in December 2018, Soapbox brewpub has done its part to stand out from the crowd of Brisbane-based breweries by offering truly creative twists on sweet, sweet Aussie nectar, more commonly referred to as beer. 

With a collaborative effort from the on-site steam-heated 2000L two-vessel brew house, the 4000L bright beer tank and six 4000L fermentation tanks, everything but a partridge in a pear tree pours out for beer buffs to get their thirsty hands on. 

With a dedicated team thinking outside the box, we’ve so far sipped the Soapbox Biscuit Ale in awe, and been taken aback by the the resemblance to a liquid Iced Vovo, with other top hits including dark ale, porter, IPA and kölsch like you’ve never tasted before. 

Beer has a knack for making people peckish, and as much as it pairs perfectly with pizza, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a lot more on offer. 

From share plates of edamame and battered chicken lollipops to more substantial serves of wagyu steak and sticky pork belly bao, the all-round diverse menus will be be your answer to the question “where’s a place that everyone can genuinely enjoy themselves?”. 


Get your growlers ready and give it a go!