Brisbane-born and raised, Clea is the complete artisan. A thoughtful songwriter, talented musician and velvet-voiced singer, Clea is also adept across photography, film, fashion, graphic design and art direction. A vegetarian and conscientious consumer with a passion for artisanal and pre-loved clothing, Clea is enthusiastic about connecting, preserving and enriching her environment, which follows from her deep conviction that you reap what you sow.

Experience the beguiling songstress for yourself when Clea performs at The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl on 15 February.

Fave Valley Bar
I’m a sucker for natural wines so I’ll go for The Valley Wine Bar. Super friendly staff and an incredible selection of wines. One pet-nat, please! 
Fave Valley Café/Restaurant
My fave place for food is Netherworld. Netherworld serves up excellent vegan junk food and is full to the brim with vintage arcade games. Combine tater tots and Frogger and I’m in. 
Fave Valley Live Music Venue
I know it’s just outside of the Valley but I’m going to have to go with The Triffid. I’ve played some of my favourite shows there. The live room is an old WW2 hangar...I’m always transfixed by the shape when I first enter the venue. 
Fave Valley Store/Retailer
My favourite store in the valley is Practice Studio. The store is packed with beautifully made accessories and clothes by local designers. Highly recommend! 
Fave Valley Memory
Most of my hometown shows have been played in the Valley and although it’s hard to pick a favourite, I have to say playing to a handful of pals at Ric’s on a Monday night holds a special place in my heart. 

— February 2020