Brunch (noun): the glorious meal between breakfast and lunch that lets us roll straight out of bed and into a bacon and egg burrito. 

Whether you missed your morning alarm clock (accidentally or intentionally is fine by us), or simply can’t look past a mid-morning smashed avo, we’ve taken to Fortitude Valley’s best brunch spots to let you in on the good morning goss. 


1. The New Black 

Brunch is The New Black, as your new favourite Bakery Lane café will have you believe. Wake up to spelt waffles with roasted white peach, curd, honey, goats cheese and walnut snow, and gourmet baked beans on toast (think chorizo, herbed sour cream and harissa thrown in the mix). 


2. New Bliss 

Ignorance isn’t bliss, brunch is. New Bliss in Warner Street will ease you into a Sunday session with their boozy bene, including poached eggs, pickled red cabbage, pork crackle and bacon crumb on house made bread with Magners Cider hollandaise. Side note: there are plenty of vegan and gluten free options as well! 


3. Reverends Fine Coffee & Bar

Fill up your cup and get pumped for Reverends Fine Coffee - one of Brisbane’s finest specialty coffee shops, tucked into Califonria Lane. Don’t judge a meal by its name, because the sloppy fungi will make for one smooth brunch option - we’re talking sautéed thyme roasted mushrooms, slow cooked tomato sauce and tomato relish on a long bun topped with three cheese melt. If you’re late for an important date, the grab and go options are your go-to! 


4. No. 5 Café 

No. 5 is alive and kicking in Winn Lane with a smooth brunch coconut panna cotta. Complete with house granola, mixed berry compote and poached pear, you’ll have your daily fruit intake and eat it too. 


5. Beirne Lane

Drawing inspiration from the Brunch Party trend already huge in cities like NYC, London and Dubai - Beirne Lane presents the Beirne Brunch Club. You can join the "day drinking movement" every Sunday between 11.30am-3pm and indulge in a brunch buffet. Side note - there's a range of drink packages available and tickets can be purchased in advance. 

We have a hunch that we’ll see you around Fortitude Valley for brunch.